Online Gambling Tips

The most important point that you should always remember is that when participating in any gambling activity be it playing at an online casino or betting on a horse at the track that there is a good chance you will lose. For this reason you should only ever gamble with money that you can afford to lose. Never gamble with money that you need for other expenses.

Having said that, you should always try to get the most entertainment value out of your money every time you play. Below we outline some simple ideas that should help you stretch your bankroll further and give you the most fun for your money.

Always claim the maximum bonus possible

By making sure that you always get the biggest possible bonus you are instantly making your money go further. You will get to play longer and have more chances at hitting it big. Always read the bonus terms to find out how much you need to deposit. For example a 100% bonus up to £100 free requires a 100 deposit to get the whole £100.

Set a budget before you play

You should always decide how much you are willing to spend before you start playing. We suggest depositing the exact amount you want to play with and only ever making one deposit per playing session.

Get to know your game

No matter what casino games you like to play you should always try to learn as much as possible about the games you play. This way you will play with optimum strategy and give yourself the best chance of ending up a winner.

Never try to win back losses by betting more than usual

If you have an unlucky session and lose your bankroll it is important not to try to chase your losses as you could end up losing even more. If you claim every bonus listed at this site chances are you will lose your deposit on some of them so if this happens come back, choose another casino and collect another bonus.

Have a shot at a massive win

Some of the progressive jackpots online have gone as high as £4,700,000 so we recommend every once in a while having at least one or two spins on these games. It only takes one lucky spin for you to become the next big progressive winner.

Open a web wallet account

For the fastest withdrawals we suggest opening a free web wallet account at one of the popular web wallets such as NETeller or Pay Pal. In addition to getting faster withdrawals you will be able to use your winnings from one bonus to claim another one and you will also have a separate statement of all of your gambling transactions.

Always read the T's & C's before you collect a bonus

As each bonus will have different wagering requirements and in some cases game restrictions it is in your best interest to always read through the bonus terms before you claim the free money. This way you avoid any possible problems.

Become a regular player at one or two casinos

By playing at just one or two casinos you will maximize the amount of exclusive bonuses you will get. Online casinos love loyal players so the more frequent that you play the more frequently you will get special deals. It not uncommon to get 100% offers every week.

Never play when you're tired or have consumed alcohol

When you are tired or tipsy you may make decisions that you would not normally make. Gambling is one of those activities where you always want to be at your sharpest to avoid making any playing mistakes that cost you money.

By keeping all of the tips and strategies listed above in mind whenever you gamble online or offline you should find yourself having a fun, entertaining time whether you win or lose.